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The beginning of the end of the beginning

To begin is to end and to end is to begin..After months of waiting , the move to deploy the new system is there. I requested the installation of the .Net framework to all workstations that will use the system. Being the first actual full blown IS that i created im still in doubt and still asking myself ..what ifs?its a road trip i guess, it may or may nopt work but i will meke it started the beginning of the design of the accounting many work still ahead..

Reshuffler International

Having a new director does not ensure easy transition. After a few reshuffling in the structure and organization in my university we had the biggest surprise. We have anew boss, because our old boss was transferred to another assignment and the new boss is and eversince she is a BOSS. She occupies a very high position in the university  structure and now she on Pressures were felt as she conducted the first meeting with us. Reality Bites!!!

Its the last few days of June again we still havent deployed anything from the newly developed IS and i starting to worry.. If the schedule is to be met the deployment should have started but because some things are still to be resolved , we have to wait again.. Regarding my problem on ClickOnce well until now it is still a problem but im having great developments on it..keep u posted on that....

Right now my fellow faculty is in the seminar hall listening to Dr. Lourdes Quisumbings talk and im here fiddling with the keyboard....Lucky for m…

Nuclear Energy on the go

A little change in topic...

I recently bumped into an article in Readers Digest about nuclear energy. The article seems to be an answer to all the questions being thrown by green people ( if you know what i mean) regarding nuclear energy. I was amazed how the writer enumerated all the pros and cons of all available energy sources and it turned out nuclear energy may be the best alternative.

Im not a nuclear fanatic but i beleive in the articles points of view. The waste being generated by nuclear reactors are minimal as compared to the waste generated by coals into the athmosphere. The issue on security is well answered and everything else is in the article...

Installation Hell

Who would ever taught that what is simple can be complicated. All the hype received by Microsts ClickOnce technology seem to be an overkill. I tried doing and going through all the pain of making all the certificates and installing them in trusted eke eks...i dont have beta 2 so i miss all the click and go to hell stuff... i stuill could not make it run . ClickOnce dont deserve the name i guess hehehehe