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The day i tried to write ...

When I thought of this blog, it came to me that I am doing this thing as sort of a notebook for me to record just about anything about some tech stuff that I m recently into. It also brings out the writer side of me. When the editor in chief of my university’s newsletter asked me to do an article on the latest technological changes in the university I decided to give it a shot. Here are my two articles  featured in the newsletter :


If you are surfing the web from home with a typical modem or you have tried using the internet access stations at the IMMO office during the first few weeks of this school year, you are familiar with the bursts, pauses, long access time and slow motion in the Internet highway during "rush hours". No wonder some people call the World Wide Web the "World Wide Wait".
Because of the continuous commitment of the university to provide a better and faster access to information, a one year contract was recently signed by the Univers…