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Online Aparri

I have been silent for a while on this blog . Even my planned post on MonoDevelop running on top of Ubuntu has been put on hold. Reason? I found Drupal and started playing on it for a while . Output? An alpha release of an Online Virtual Community for Aparrianos.

The site was built using the basic features of Drupal plus some contributed modules . As of the moment no PHP coding is being done but Im planning to integrate some of it when Ill have time to learn the langugae. The domain name is a free but Ill be registering a more appropriate domain name later on. I enjoyed learning Drupal and still learning more and expect for posts regarding this Open Source CMS later on.

Google Code Repositories

Google is indeed conquering everything . I usually use Google Mail (gmail) , Google Docs , Google Calendar , Google Talk , Google Map , Google Pages , Blogger , Chrome (before my OS got hit by a virus last month , ill reinstall chrome soon) and yes Google Search . No wonder Google is all over .

Just last night , while searching for some articles on Model-View-Presenter topic , I downloaded a sample source code from a source which has "google" on its URL . The code was actually hosted by Google Code repository running Subversion. The main Google Code page displays most of the current development done and link to those projects . This include a link to Android , Googles platform for Mobile Development. Under Developers Resources you will find the Project Hosting link. This allows you to host your own project (up to 10 projects) and make it available to the web. Whats cool is that a Wiki page , Issue Tracker , Download Page , Source Code Page and Description page is provided . T…

The Need for Source Code Control

Reading through some articles on Source Code Control , I ran into an article by a person from SourceGear and I certainly agree with his introduction. Never had I learn something about source code management in school . Yes , they did talk about the infamous SDLC but not on SCM or CVS or SVN . Of course any one from the industry knows Source Code Control is a vital part of any development.

Back when I was starting development in USL where most of my skills was gained through constant reading , reseach and unpaid overtimes , I never thought of SCM . I know Visual Studio has a Visual Source Safe , but its actual use Im really clueless (or maybe just plain uninterested). One of the main reasons I never really dug into t is because I was the only developer for the application, I was the source code and the source code was me. It was only during my remaining quarter in USL that I made some effort to look into it. Mainly because some works are now being done by other programmers plus the tho…

A US Visa Experience

A US Visa at last, just B1 to be exact but somewhat fulfilling . After several hours of anxiety and waiting for a make or break interview with the consul , I nailed it. It came after several weeks of document preparation of course .

So here are some tips that I gained from the experience which may help :
1. Take time to read the instructions that comes with the DS157 form.
2. Fill up carefully the DS156 online and the DS157 manually.
3. Prepare the documents needed . If you have invitation letters , official letters from the company or any important documents that may be connected with your purpose of visiting the US , review them and make sure they are complete and authentic.
4. Prepare documents that may establish "strong ties" with Philippines ( reasons that will make you comeback). These may be in the form of bank statements , land titles , car registrations , existing contracts and others (some even brought photos of their family). I was not asked to show it to the consul…

Success By Age

Just to break the techie stuff , here is a post taken from my friends' friend blog.

At Age 4........... Success is........not peeing in your pants.

At Age 6............Success is........finding your way home (from school)

At Age 12...........Success is........having friends

At Age 16/18........Success is........having a driver's license

At Age 20...........Success is........having sex

At Age 35...........Success is........having money

At Age 45...........Success is........having money

At Age 55...........Success is........having money

At Age 60...........Success is........having sex

At Age 65...........Success is........keeping a driver's license

At Age 70...........Success is........having friends

At Age 75...........Success is........finding your way home (from anywhere)

At Age 80...........Success is.....not peeing your pants

The Story Behind the Name C#

I remember one time in an exam for employment , the first question was - who is the father of C#? I have been working with the language but never did I ask myself who actually started the language ( of course Mirosoft was the brainchild , right? ) . After a googling expedition I found out who was the culprit - Microsofts Anders Hejlsberg. I was not interested why it was called C# then , but opening my VS2008 today , I stumbled on one of the articles being shown at the VS2008 opening page - "Computer World: The A-Z of Programming : C#". Its an interview with Anders discussing the history and beyond of C# . Heres the cool part , the name for C# prior to its release was actually COOL (C like Object Oriented Language) . Below are some lines taken from the interview:

Why was the language originally named Cool, and what promoted the change to C#?

The code name was Cool, which stood for ‘C like Object Oriented Language’. We kind of liked that name: all of our files were called .cool…

Weekend with Linux

After reviving my laptop from a virus infection , I started tinkering with it once again . I always had a passion for Linux and the Open Source community , but after trying to think about it a couple of times , I decided to stick with Windows XP for a while .So before I go on and try to tell you why I had Linux on the title of my post , I listed some reasons why I chose to stick with Windows XP for the meantime.

1. I use M$ products at work . Im a .Net developer , thus I use Microsoft Visual Studio for work . Having it installed in my machine is a necessity . However , I have begun exploring the Mono project (which will be posted later on ).
2. I use several software that I still could not find any alternatives yet in the Linux platform.
3. I have a legit license for my Windows XP so I decided to stick with it anyway.

Back to the main topic , I decided , however, to still go ahead and use Linux on my machine . Next stop , virtualization . Yep, as many have been hooked into it , i turn…