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How to Kill a Slow Process using DOS Batch File Script with TaskKill and TaskList

If you are still trapped in the era of batch files and command lines in Windows environment, here is something you can add to your DOS cheat codes.  Lucky for us here, we are still using DOS batch file to implement installation of some updates to our system. Here is a simple batch file script that is designed for slow systems that requires a significant amount of time to kill a particular process. The requirement is simple,  do not start any copying or moving of files until  the process ( i.e. MyProcess.exe) is totally killed by DOS. The simplest solution would be to use TASKKILL to kill the process, wait for a few seconds  then start copying/ moving of files there after. Unfortunately, while we were testing this simple step on a slow machine, DOS would take an awful lot of minutes to kill the process in question. Thus, when our delay is reached, we would encounter error on copying/moving files that is currently used by the unkilled process causing a failure on the installation. So in…

Create and Use Profiles in Android Using Profile Scheduler

Did you miss your old reliable Nokia 2G phones running on Symbian OS? It was always simple back then, keypads are easy to use, you could create SMS message blindfolded or while looking at some lovely ladies passing by. You could even go for days without running out of juice. Snake was the best game to kill your time. Over-the-air updates and fragmentation are non-issues and we have the profiles.

Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 is Now Available!

Good news to all Microsoft Visual Studio users,  MSDN has sent email notifications to all subscribers about the availability of update 2 today. Here is the rest of the information from the email.

Lost in Metro Manila ? Here’s a site for you

Have you ever been lost in the concrete jungle of Metro Manila ? I have to admit, I was lost many times and I have written some post on how to get to particular places in the past. Unfortunately, I don’t really travel around that much to be an expert. Good thing, some one decided to put his street smart direction-junkie self into writing.  The site is simply named “Directions On Web : Commute Fast and Drive Smart in Metro Manila”.