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my “software development life cycle”

Sometimes we are so busy cranking codes and debugging apps that we fail to stop even just for a bit to look around us and find relationship to our works. Eversince I entered the IT industry , an 8 hour work schedule is never enough to keep track with IT changes. You study a new technology , once you're done and ready to make use of it a new comes along. Isn't it a tiring process? In between these infinite loops of a developers daily life, i usually stare at some of photos of my son and came up with a picture of how I look at my life now as a developer in the persona of my child . Read on and take a peek at marvins software development life cycle.

driving tips anyone?

Last year I started having my driving lesson. I took the free one, so I let my father do the teaching. Deep in my mind I know I can teach myself driving but I have to let my father do the teaching, he owns the car… I tried googling for some driving tips , till I reached the LTOs site and prompted me to download two document files. I would be taking the exam for driving license anyway ( which did not happen, answers were provided!!!!) so I downloaded the dile and it was helpful . It contains tips and event basic tutorials on safety driving and road signs. You can download the file in the links that I am providing. In case the link is dead just inform me through email or comment the article.
Traffic Signs
Safety DrivingEnjoy!!! But Just Don't READ and DRIVE at the same time.

renaming default namespaces for VSTO projects in VS2008

So here is the scenario , you are starting a VSTO project and decided that your default namespace is ExcelAddInTesterApp . You created the project and started coding the project. After several days , your boss called and said "hey marvin , make use of this namespace OurCompany.ExcelAddInTesterApp , we have to add our company name to it got it?" . You get back to your machine thinking its just a simple property just like any project you've been working on. So you right clicked the VSTO project and hit properties . Boom! What the F@#$? The default namespace textbox is disabled!!!!

I've been through this and I googled for ways to do it and ended up with a blog from a Microsoft MVP telling me it can't be done because it is disabled. Then I thought of Refactoring, the beauty and grandeur of the renaming process. I selected the namespace and hit the refactor menu hoping that this would solve the problem . Unfortunately , it did not rather it displayed the message box …

in search for a smaller footprint mp3 player

For years now, music had played an important part in my life. Every time I get to work , I got my music player on the background. When I get home , I still have the music still on my background process.
As I move on working on more memory hungry applications, the once unnoticeable effect of using windows media player or winamp on the background has been noticed. These famous players do support a lot a of functionality and even added features that makes them memory hungry apps. What I just wanted to have is a simple music player that plays music on the background. No themes , no pluggins , no visual effects to add to that.
I started googling for the player of my dream and entered "Music Player with Small Memory footprint" as a search key . This led me to Sheepfriends website and gave a link to a player named BILLY. Realizing that it is not a spyare, I downloaded the 800+ kb folder that does not contain any complicated installer , just a plain EXE and some necessary file. Ru…

word 2007 supports blogging

it's been a while since I last posted a blog . it's been a busy week trying to finish some task to be free come Christmas . one nice thing I learned is that word 2007 supports blogging. two years ago I used a similar pluggin called word for bloggers and it was a great help, now it's integrated to word. that's good news to all you bloggers out there. creating blogs could be easier with all the features that word 2007 has to offer. i mean spelling correction , grammar stuffs and others you would like blog editors must have. so here I am posting the easy steps on how to set up blogging with word 2007.
On the main office 2007 ribbon button select NEW.A wizard will appear , then select BLOG.Set up your blog account (in my case I set up BLOGGER).If you have several blogs in the set up, select the right one in the editing window.Start creating you blog.Hit the PUBLISH button.

open source on CICM schools

i was a part of a CICM school with my last employer. the CICM system is indeed a great system which benefits all the schools that is part of it . one program that has a great impact is their Provincial Committee on Education meeting that is being held evry year . last may , i was part of my university's team to join the metting at Pagudpud . i was tasked to discuss with other school representative about IT matters. prior to the schedule, there was already a topic , it is the VOIP proposal to interconnect all CICM schools from Saint Marys University. another topic that was discussed is the open source program. this is the topic that i was tasked to write a report . thus, this blog. below is the unedited draft of what i submitted , feel free to comment.
Human knowledge belongs to the world. This is a famous quote from the movie Anti-Trust, a movie that introduced some of the concepts of open source software. What is an open source software ? In layman's term , an open source so…