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playing around with simple java application..

Someone asked me to make a simple program for converting number to words , but no one came back to get it so decided to publish it out of trippings..

Heres the java code for around and enjoy ( Net Beans 3.6 is an acceptable java IDE)

The Code

package NumConverter;

/* To make use of Dialog boxes in Input and Output*/
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class NumCon {
/*Array members to be used in conversion*/
private String[] strOnes={""," One"," Two"," Three"," Four"," Five"," Six"," Seven"," Eight"," Nine"};
private String[] strSpecial={" Ten"," Eleven"," Twelve"," Thirteen"," Fourteen"," Fifteen"," Sixteen"," Seventeen"," Eighteen"," Nineteen"};
private String[] strTensSpecial={""," Ten"," Twenty"," Thirty"," Forty","…