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japanese rock anyone?

eversince high school ive been jumping from one rock genre to another trying to look for the best sound to describe my personality . most of them actually were good, but some just dont fit my taste . i started out as a trash metal old school fanatic digging slayer , pantera to metallica . when GnR hit the airwaves along with Bon Jovi i was there . then kurt cobain with nirvana changes the definition of music to grunge , i was again there . ely and the heads redefined opm , i was again there . during the time when electronica was trying to bond with rock , i was again there . with all the changes in the rock genre i tried to be always there . but there are some points when you just get tired of all the new styles moving in so you go back to the roots . i tried revisiting the old school , from beatles to elvis to led zep to black sabbath to sex pistols to ramones and the journey was really refreshing . i did try that in opm ,trying to listen songs from juan de cruz , maria cafra to asi…

career insights

It’s been more than two weeks since my poll about career options expired. As little as the responses were, it provided me greater insights on what to look for in job selection. Coupled with some experiences, a friend experience and some readings, I’ll try to raise some points on career options.

Job seekers can be categorized as to what their intensions are in looking for a job. New graduated tends to take any opportunity along the way. Most often times they look at these opportunities as either their dream job or just a stepping stone to greater heights. Job seekers in their mid and late to early 30s maybe in several cross roads. While some aims to find a job that could be worth keeping, others look for challenges and adventures. Those who are nearing their 40s looks for a job that they can keep till retirement. I know my frame of mind maybe different from yours but at some point we may be agree.

To make this discussion short, let’s remove the newly graduates from the picture when dis…