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We learn by reinstallation..

After two weeks of scratching heads and thinking hard i finally got the IBM server up and running once again. It was really a great experience on my part being new to this stuff so i jot down some thoughts that might be of help the next time i fool around with the DNS server

1. Configuring the servers RAID setting was abit tricky and it presented some issues that i learned through the process
a. You cannot just remove a partition using fdisk if the drive is in an array. You need to enter the raid setup and manual remove the mirroring before proceeding with the next step.
2. Branded server like IBM provides installation CD that will help you configure and setup the server and the good thing about it is that it provides a way to set up scripts to do unattended installation of some NOS.
3. Installing windows 2003 server is as easy as installing Windows XP . Configuring it though is a little bit tricky.
4. DHCP setup is fine, DNS a little confusing a…


this is one stupid action i have to learn and unlearn. i recently set up a semi sub network in the office so i got a hub and pcs..there were two connections comming out from one of the hub connected in our open bay rack was crossover (i did this just last week) and the other was straigh through (i knew it was there) so out of excitement i plugged all cabels from the pc and the two cables to the hub turned on the hub and......boom problems start flowing in. first internet was down the proxy server hangs. other pcs connected to our novell server starts logging off ..and worst offices starts calling staing that they cannot connect i asked our MIS head ( hes been with the school for almost 10 years now handling the whole system before we took over) and started analyzing the error.. one sign we saw was the utilization was running at 98% and no pcs are connected ..looking for clues we stared at the fiber optic hub handling the backbone..and bam the collision error indicator is b…

DCPROMO Problems

For a week now i have been configuring the Windows Server 2003 at our all started with simple domain change..being adventeurous as i am i indeed took the hard road to changing a domain name. . yes i knew i can rename it bu the child in me forced me to resort to DC demotion and promotion using DCPROMO.. well it seems i messed it up. after the demotion and promotion the server log on time became next to forever took around 3 hours just to see the desktop.. and in shutting down it takes forever to log off... after googling around the problem boiled down to one problem..DNS

you know what , i was so so patient that i have to research and try all possible solutions to the problem without disrupting the internet service we were offerring ..thus i cannot just restart and play around with the server because the server is also our proxy server... everything just started crumbling down access starts to slow down while other site remains somewhat constant... i cannot acc…

Windows XP Password Changer...

Even a well designed software will have a loop hole. . While all people were busy installing the new PABX system, one suddently requested for a PC for the Call Accounting System.. We have several PCS available but only one can be retained and be used in the office . the PC used by our net admin (on leave for board exam, the main reason why i handle the network now!!). Well the pc is P4 class installed with Windows XP with Service pack 2..
Everything should be okay except that i dont know the administrator password... i tried calling the net admin but he didnt reply..
After few clicks and taps in my mozilla fire, internet brought me to a very informative site :: ... all you need to have is the installation CD with the serail key and boot from it ..after following some easy to folow steps you will be able to change the administrator password or any user account password in the account...... go ahaead and try it now.���…

On Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2

Microsofts ever anticipated release of visual studio 2005 is long overdue. I startedformally the universitys student information system january this year with two possible options . First was the use of Visual Studio 2003 trial edition (good for 60 days) and the other was using the Visual Studio 2005 beta 1 Whidbey. Knowing the fact that VS2005 will be released soon , i ventured on the use of beta 1. It was reallya very bumpy ride, the application was a source hog, i need to upgrade my pc just to keep it running. It featured a nice interface and development tool though. It was all fine, having a good IDE , new controls , good debugging tools, crystal reports ..all the goodies a programmer might ask..then it expried!!!!

Well , we tried to expreriment on other options just to keep beta 1 alive but , unfortunately i was time to go... im almost through with the development!!!!

i downloaded beta 2 express edition , i dont have any MSDN subscription to download the standard beta 2.. the IDE i…