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Cigarette Ad Ban starts tomorrow , July 1

What a great way to start July . At last after a long wait , gone will these teasing cigarette ads on any form ( television, radio and print ) by virtue of Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 or Republic Act No. 9211.

Up to now I still wonder why people love to smoke . I have been there actually , smoking at least a dozen of stick just to get through overnight reviews and cramming back in college . Honestly , aside from the joy maybe of puffing these what I some times call as "Cancer Sticks" , they just leave you with stinky breath and smell. Its for this reason that I got turned off to women who dress so smartly (maybe) but holding or puffing cigars like they are even proud of it . The same goes for those careless smokers who smokes on public transports without thinking the danger of second hand smokes.

This is definitely a good start to clean the air we breathe . Definitely , these sometimes feel-good commercials lead consumers to think that having , buying and using them is …