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microsoft vista new editions on the limelight...

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT - news), the world's largest software maker, prematurely posted information about its much-anticipated Windows Vista operating system on one of its Web sites, the company said on Tuesday.

Microsoft disclosed information about a plan to release eight different editions of the new operating system on a company help page that was under development. The company has not made any official statements about the different versions of Windows Vista it plans to offer.

The company has since taken down the Web site and declined to confirm the information and said it will offer more details about the Vista launch, targeted for the second half of 2006, in the coming weeks.
Below are the 8 editions :

Windows Starter 2007 - Vista without Aero, probably meant for developing nations.

Windows Vista Home Basic - Basic Windows Vista for your single PC fam, doesn't sound like much going on here. Analagous to XP Home.

Windows Vista Home Basic N - European version of the same, b…

clovertown from INTEL

This is from from a recent site that i visited , heres a peek into whats intel is cooking for its costumer this 2006:

Clovertown, a four-core processor, will start shipping to computer manufacturers late this year and hit the market in early 2007. Clovertown will be made for dual-processor servers, which means that these servers will essentially be eight-processor servers (two processors x four cores each).

The company will also come out with a previously announced version called Tigerton around the same time for servers with four or more processors.

Core expansion will be a dominant theme for Intel over the next few years, said Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner. By the end of the decade, chips with tens of cores will be possible, while in 10 years, it's theoretically possible that chips with hundreds of cores will come out, he added.

Rattner showed off a computer running two Clovertown processors

By working with one server application developer, Intel determined that it needed t…

IE Beta7 Denial Of Service Flaw

Months after the beta release of IE 7 in the internet community , several flaws had been discovered. Microsoft ,on the onther hand, continues to take all these into consideration before the actual release of the product. Recently a new bug has been discovered , allowing maliciously written html files to crash the IE7 browser. This has been featured in an article in
. Microsoft answered the allegation , stating that the flaw is not crucial to the system. Here is the report taken from eweek.

An independent security researcher has pinpointed a denial-of-service flaw in Microsoft's brand new Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview just moments after installing the security-centric browser makeover.
Tom Ferris said could hardly believe his eyes when the new browser crashed less than 15 minutes after he started using a homemade fuzz testing tool to poke around for potential security issues.Ferris, known online as "badpack3t," found that specially crafted HTML could cause…

trojan virus in action

Viruses has all been in everything. How about getting it to steal 1 million EURO . heres a report from about how a russion trojan virus got rich from stealing 1 million euro from a french bank.

UK broadsheet The Guardian reports that Russian thieves have stolen more than EUR1m (£680,000) from personal bank accounts in France by using rogue Trojan viruses to infect the computers of banking customers. According to the report, one bank customer lost €40,000 in a single hit.The Trojan is embedded in e-mails or Web sites and remains dormant until the user contacts their bank online. When that happens, the bug becomes active and records passwords and bank codes which are then forwarded to the thieves. A dozen Russian criminals, described by police as being typically aged between 20 and 30, and several Ukrainian masterminds of the scam have been arrested in Moscow and St Petersburg.The authorities were alerted in November 2004, when a bank customer noticed a large sum missing fr…

OS X Security Lapses

Who says that Microsoft has all the hackers and crackers problem? In recent years , this has been the selling point of most non Microsoft OS. Partially , they are right. LINUX and UNIX has been consistent in this field but what about Apple? I could not blame the designers of Microsoft , the patches are always there, but its the price to pay for being so famous to end users ..making it more interesting to hackers. This is not in defense of the Bill Gates company , just a reflection on how much other OS firms have considered their security features.

Here is a nice article in a blog i read named Digital Binary ( a good blog ) about security issues regarding the new OS X from Aple. Read on....
Booming of Apple’s Mac OS X signals all the hacker to shift their eyes on them. Less security compared to current UNIX and the current transition plan into Intel architecture will just make it worse.

OS X platform are based on UNIX that are less vulnerable compared to windows platform. Yet OS X seems…

a peek into internet explorer 7 beta

I posted a blog on why firefox is better than internet explore. Im definitely fascinated with Linux and Open Source Apps but im basically slaved by microsoft products. I use MS products development and office suites. It is not that in reality i am a true blue MS geek but most of the users in my area are usually bill gates avid fans, getting out of the system would mean a harder life for me..

When i first saw the IE 7 beta , first thing that came to my mind is a Firefox in another costume. I started beta testing it, and i did find some enchancements worth mentioning ( till the next Firefox version comes out i suppose)

1. Tabbed Browsing. View multiple sites in a single browser window. Easily switch from one site to another through tabs at the top of the browser frame. At last people at Redmond finally realizes the good of it. (but still a firefox original)

2. RSS Feeds .Automatically detects RSS feeds on sites by illuminating an icon on the toolbar. A single click on the icon allows you t…

the other side of the queue

Ever wondered how the window clerks at my university’s accounting office look at every student during assessment period?