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MessageBox : Just Another Custom Alert Implementation for Angular

Dialog boxes never peeked my interest in my previous limited web development side projects, the fact that I have never seen the use of it is one reason and there is always the reliable call to Alert, which does the job that I require. Bootstrap's modal boxes are interesting but did not have time to really dive into it. Then came a chance to learn Angular.

I have been playing with Angular and Angular Material for almost 2 months. Just last month, they literally broke me by breaking some of my codes with its latest release. Don't start mentioning flex, can't seem to wrap my head around it. But there's just this thing about these framework that you love and hate. For one, it's implementation of Angular Material Dialog Boxes is easy to understand.

I had years of work relying on Windows Message Boxes for alerting just about anything. A simple call and easy to get results.
string message = "Do you want to abort this operation?"; string title = "Close Window…