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Beware of Giant Burgers

Last Friday we had a lunch out at Burger Avenue at The Fort. This joint is "somewhat" famous for its Ridiculous Burger Challenge promo. The challenge  involves finishing up a ridiculous burger in less than 5 minutes. Its a 3 layer burger waiting to be eaten in less than 5 minutes.  This is, however, small compared to the Windows 7 whopper that Burger King promoted in line with Windows 7 release. None of us, by the way, did the challenge ,we had our own reasons or shall I say excuse.

BlogWrite Lite vs BlogSpace

Bloggers often look for the best way to keep their blogs up to date in whatever way they can think of. With iPhone, iPod and iPads coming to view, I would expect that developers would jump into the wagon of building blogging apps for bloggers. I am not really a paid app fanatic, I settle for free apps that satisfies what I need. So I ended up searching iTunes for free apps that could enable blogging on my portable device. The result were not encouraging. No need to shortlist a very short list of results.

First on the list is the BlogWriter Lite. Its a simple app and very light at 1.3MB size. The installation is almost as fast as other light apps we have in the iTunes cloud.  Setting up your account is a breeze. Username and password is required and there are 4 available blog type to choose from :,, Self-host WordPress Blog, and Others. after choosing the blog type, user needs to provide the blog URL and the port number to be used. Once set, you are ready to l…

Blogging with BlogWrite

Blogging has been different since my last post. Before, I had an article about writing blog in ms word 2007, today I'm trying out blogging using blogwrite for iPhone/iPod touch. Hence, this rather short blog to start with. A more comprehensive review will follow (?).