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The Graphical Evolution of Geeks

Here is a funny picture I got from a website (I don't remember the name , mr. image owner thank you ) , showing us where geeks came from . Enjoy and have a Happy New Year .

Open workbench an MS Project Open Source Alternative

For a project manager , planning is your bread and butter . A good software tool is a complement ,as long as it doesn't come with a high price . MS Project , a Microsft product , is one of the most commonly used project management tool around . But if your just a low earning firm with little money to invest on project management tool you may not be able to afford this tool.

Open source software , as I always mention it on some of my blogs , free users of high prices from large software companies . It may not be always free , but it is cheaper . Additionally , the source code comes with it , so if you are that technically adventurous , you can always customize it to fit your need. Open Workbench aims to be a direct alternative to Microsoft Project . Open Workbench provides project planning and scheduling together with resource management. Open Workbench even offers import of Microsoft Project files - to make migration easier . So if you dont mind investing a little of your time to …

Getting an AppleID Without a Credit Card

So you bought a new iPod Touch . You have heard a lot of those cool games and cool applications that runs over it . You opened up iTunes and excited to see what is in store for you . Last thing you know , Apple is asking you for a credit card number . Boom ! all that excitement is gone.

For an average iPod owner who does not have a credit card number or does not want to have one , applying for an Apple ID to get hold of those freebies and goodies Steve Jobs has to offer is a pain in the ass . But there are several ways to get over with it . One , you could buy a iTunes gift card and redeem it . This is good , if and only if , gift cards are available . Two, try jailbraking your iPod touch and risk voiding its warranty . Lastly , read on and follow the steps below. Just a note , I assume that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself . Take note that even if the software is free , a billing statement will be sent to you registered email address . And if you intend to buy one ,…

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Easy Installation Guide

Installing Linux according to some , which I strongly disagree , is painful. Ive been jumping around several Linux flavors ( from Bayanihan to Smoothwall and some popular flavors in between ) and did not find any problem at all except for some minor ones. Good thing for newbies , Ubuntus installation has been improving a lot with every new release (and new odd name that comes with it) . I have Intrepid Ibex running on my box but I have not installed it manually . I am using a VMware , so downloading the VM image was a better solution . But for those who wants to try it without virtualization , heres a GOOD LINK to EASY INSTALLATION of UBUNTU 8.10 Intrepid Ibex .

Good Luck.

The difference between Vista, XP, Linux and MacOS explained!

I was looking around for some nice articles to read till I reached this funny yet real blog post from Phil Shapiro on

The Difference Between Vista, XP, Linux and Mac OS Explained
Wherein a middle school student asks me to explain the difference in simple terms. I do just that.

A middle school student I know asked me to explain the difference between Vista, XP, Linux and Mac OS. Here's the gist of our conversation:

Me: "You want to know the difference in real simple terms? Okay. Vista is bad gnews and GNU is good gnews. XP ain't such bad gnews, until you reach the blue screen of death, which ain't good gnews at all."

Middle schooler: "Okay, I think I understand. How about Mac OS?"

Me: "Mac OS is like a beautiful Bermuda island with a prison wall built all around it."

Middle schooler: "Really? How so?"

Me: "Well, Mac OS uses Digital Recreation Management (DRM), so if you want to build a sandcastle, you are forc…

Microsofts First iPhone Application

On yet another occasion , software giant Microsoft has been extending its "coverage" on other platform. Just yesterday , they have release their first application to run on Apples iPhone (perhaps even on iPod Touch too). The Seadragon Mobile is a free image-browsing app that allows users to quickly "deep zoom" images while online and is intended to demonstrate what is possible with mobile platform.It is the backbone for Microsoft's Photosynth, which allows users to take a grouping of photographs and stitch them together into a faux 3D environment. an article from CNET news also mentioned that other iPhone apps are being developed at Microsofts Live Labs .

Some may welcome this move of the software giants to expand and penetrate the iPhone market, others may simply see it as another marketing strategy to display what they can do . when asked why they have the made the new application available to the iPhone first before their own mobile platform , they simply sa…

An Open Source CMS from Microsoft ?????

Perhaps the open source thing has been running around Microsoft . Microsoft dont like showing their codes, that is why even just a glimpse of MS Windows code can be worth a million. But of course , they support learning , that is why they have codePlex. Now going back to the topic , ZDNet announce today that Microsoft is developing an Open Source CMS !! Yes , an open source Content Management System. For what ? I dont know. as far as I know , they released on codePlex a few months ago which is mainly an opensource solution for blogging. Now they are going for the CMS. Is it not that Microsft already have the MOSS or the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server or even the outdated Community Server?

It is a welcome development indeed for Open source fanatics . I just hope that it will receive great appreciation from those who are currently using famous Opensource CMS such as Drupal , Joomla , PHPNuke or even DotNetNuke .

One main concern why I prefer OpenSource CMS which can r…

Microsoft Vista SP2 is on the Loop

After releasing Vista SP1 this year , Microsoft has announced the availability of Vista SP2 on Beta of course . There is no final release date for the said service pack but some report mentioned a roll out by April 2009. The company launched the first public beta of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) last December 4, making it available for download from both its Web site and through its update mechanism. A warning. Unfortunately , the update is not directed towards the general public , rather it is intended for tech junkies , beta testers or simply geeks who wants to have a preview on what to come. Additionally, users must jump through some hoops before they can grab Vista SP2 from Windows Update, Microsoft told.

Read more about this article at ComputerWorld.

I am a Foreigner

Being away from the Philippines for almost a month now somewhat changed the way I go by everyday. Missing those close to you , your family , the lutong ulams , the busy street of the metro, colorum fx , jeepneys, the fort bus , cool and uncool OPM music on every radio, the endless competition of ABS and GMA and unlimited texting will get into your nerves somehow . What you see here are different , no sari sari stores just walmarts and targets, no cdrkings or greenhills or gilmore what you have are circuitcity or tigerdirect or radisoshacks , the closes to filipino foods are the chinese restaurants and where oriental shops the grand asia market is the alternative to american oriented grocery stores.

Good thing the internet has not changed a bit , YMs and Chikka are still available , Yahoos and Googles are still your best friend and torrents are still your best resource (hahaha).

This is where nosebleeds are a common sight , not because of fist fights but more on communicating with fas…

Pacquiao Won Over Dela Hoya

After months of hype and excitement, the Pacquiao vs Dela Hoya match came to an end with a big bang for Filipinos. The Pacman won , with no question, and once again proved to the world that he is the best pound for pound boxer today.

Congratulations Manny Pacquaio . You made us feel that we should be proud being a Filipino.