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trying to be street smart v2.0

i know i have posted something like this before . well i had another route to discuss and this time i learned it the hard way ( jack ass me) . this morning i accompanied my parents together with some relatives to the domestic airport. i didnt have problem going to the airport because we took the cab , going back was the tricky for me . its my first time so pardon my stupidity.

so to get back i need to either be in cubao or in recto , so i took jeepney ride going to baclaran. then i walked passed the LRT baclaran station to ride a jeepney going to recto. the traffic was so horrific and i have to take all those pollutions that the city has to offer. the sad part , i missed recto (hahaha). i went as far as monumento and not noticing it . so i had to go down and this time took the LRT to recto (doroteo jose station). well thats me playing street smart again.

heres the route for Domestic Airport to Recto
1. take a jeepney ride to baclaran , then ride a jeepney to recto ( dont miss !)
2. t…

visual studio 2008

just last week our company already had the licensed copy of visual studio 2008, thats what you get being a MS gold partner. we have to use it right away to migrate some projects that we developed using the beta 2 release . the look and feel did npt change a bit but i bet there are a lot of changes that are waiting to be discovered.

one of the most notable changes was on VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office). VSTO has been around since VS2005 and we had no problem migrating it to beta 2 of VS2008. well things have changed and there are new features in 2008 plus changes in assembly names. so here are the things that we got and the workarounds that we made :

The following assemblies are no longer supported in VS 2008 Release. Remove it from the reference list.

Replace above with the following as…

pirated cds and dvds

just last sunday i went hunting for some movies to watch. i dont have the pocket to buy original one (pity me) . so i went to Quiapo and look at the thousands of movies you could get hold on to. yes i finally got 2 for the price of a hundred. its a complete collection of the heroes series (i know season 2 is not done but i bought it anyway). i also bought the new pupil album . im planning to buy the original cd , its really woth the money trust me.

im not bloggin now because of the movie or the cd i bought i just wanted to say something about what i saw. we all heard it in the news , malls are being raided because of pirated stuffs . i got this little question in my head, why not quiapo? i mean all stuffs that you raid in the mall are all there. i guess they may be paying a lot of taxes thats why the government let them sell there....thats the philippine law i sad...

certification pressure eh?

As you may have guessed , I work in a software development company that is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. I have been into this kind of work since 2004 but because of the accessibility of opportunity to take certification exams and aside from the fact that my previous salary may not allow me to take the risk of paying much for an exam, i was not able to take any. It is however one of the goals that i want to achieve and now that im closer to it im excited but not pushing it . Just this morning our senior system architect asked if i am already an MCP ( Microsoft Certified Professional ) which i honestly denied. It turns out that our boss in the US have been asking if me and one of the senior engineers in the team has passed an MS certification exam. Jokingly he said that if we dont get one by the end of the year we could start putting a tattoo of a chicken in our body. Its a joke but its half meant and im in the process of considering taking the exam but definitely not this year. …

trying to be street smart

Its barely 2 months since i came here to pursue my dream to be a geek and im learning things. I must admit i am not your street smart guy who knows where everything is and how to get there. I am just new to this concrete jungles of the metro . If i am in Tuguegarao , i can tour you around with no hassles . But here..forget it im as dumb as you might expect. For a newbie in the metro , i know the things i need to know to be a certified street buff , yes i need to know where are the places and how to get there. My route going to work is a boring route , one ride away if i may add. Since i got here i dont often go out and when i do i just go to SM Sta. Mesa , well its not the best SM in town but its just a tricycle away. Now to begin this stupid blog , im going to list down the routes that im learning as i grow old in this populated and polluted city.I live near Balic Balic, Sampaloc so let me start from there:

Balic Balic to Ayala (the long cut)

Take a jeepney ride to Quiapo and wait fo…

my netgear wireless router

This morning i went out hunting for a wireless router thats not heavy on the pocket. Virra Mall in Greenhills did offer a lot of options . First there is the expensive new 108Mbps wireless router which in my opinion is an overkill to me so i settled for the cheaper 54Mbps wireless g router. Then there are the brands: Linksys, D-Link , Netgear and TP Link. I had experience setting up hotspots in my previous work in a university. We have set up hotspots in the library and some other strategic locations. We even implemented an online judging system using Linksys wireless g access points. Access points are different from a wireless router in a sense that its main function is just to provide wireless connectivity , wrireless routers on the other hand does not only provide wireless connectivity but also shares internet connection. Linksys product turned out to be more expensive so i chose between a D link and Netgear product. i opted for Netgear because of the color (",).

Seeting up wa…

a good man down

Just this afternoon my mother sent me an sms message informing that uncle Jimmy died just last night and asking me if i could email auntie pacita in the US. This was an unexpected one , few of the many surprises that life has to offer. The last time i heard about uncle Jimmy was he was visiting their brother and that he is at least fine. Just this year the doctors already gave him a 1 year period to survive chirosis , a disease that runs in molina family . His demise came too early .

Uncle Jimmy , as far as my memory would remember is a good fellow with a big heart . I could remember all the sms messages he sent me when I was moving on to a new work here in Manila. We look up to him and surely we will miss him. May he rest in peace.

simplifying my blogging habits

I guess its a long haitus from blogging. Eversince blogging became a "fad" , I jumped into the bandwagon and started with some several post . Then the fire suddenly died down and I left this page static for how many months or even a year.

After a hell of a roller coaster ride of life , Im back eager to share everything that I can share. Initially , I thought of this blogsite as a common tech blog where I can post anything techie that I pick along the way. It dawned to me that having a monotonous approach to a site may render it uninteresting. Thus I am reintroducing my blog as a new catch all blog .

Reinventing is not only to make my blog more interesting (?) but it would simplify my supposedly "blogging habit" . I used to keep several accounts . Its me jumping to all these famous blogging account (sadly i dont have any mYSpace). Maintaining it is a pain in the ass . So finally , idecided to cut the crap and keep it simple. Heres the new setup : I have decided to k…

Moving on to another workplace.

Ive been away for quite sometimes now, actually i just moved in to aother company and im still on the process of adjusting myself. Ill be posting new articles here once I get free again..

Some topics that i will be posting includes:
1. Visual Studio Tools for Office
2. Office Business Applications
3. Workday webservices
4. Sharepoint 2007

Till then....