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We learn by reinstallation..

After two weeks of scratching heads and thinking hard i finally got the IBM server up and running once again. It was really a great experience on my part being new to this stuff so i jot down some thoughts that might be of help the next time i fool around with the DNS server

1. Configuring the servers RAID setting was abit tricky and it presented some issues that i learned through the process
a. You cannot just remove a partition using fdisk if the drive is in an array. You need to enter the raid setup and manual remove the mirroring before proceeding with the next step.
2. Branded server like IBM provides installation CD that will help you configure and setup the server and the good thing about it is that it provides a way to set up scripts to do unattended installation of some NOS.
3. Installing windows 2003 server is as easy as installing Windows XP . Configuring it though is a little bit tricky.
4. DHCP setup is fine, DNS a little confusing and at last i got DCPROMO working!!!!!
5. Sharing the internet connection was a bit tricky..The trick i made was to make use of RRAS and everything went just fine that is before the DCPROMO.
6. after placing Exchange server and SQL server on the same machine everithing is rolling out fine.
7. Last step was for ISA2004 to be installed . before actually disconnecting our network from the temporary KERIO firewal and proxy i made sure that all necessary rules to enable internet connection was allowed and after a few transfer of cables .i on to a good start...publishing all other servers available (SQL,DNS...) and allowing necessary traffic to pass..

Things need to be done:

1. Install Terminal Services
2. Configure the Email Services
3. Publish Website

Seems a hard task considering this month of september is the pilot implementation of the new Student Information System created using C#..Damn im excited...cant wait to see my creation being used by other people...

Its good to ease some pressures off my head..till the next blog.........


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