Windows XP Password Changer...

Even a well designed software will have a loop hole. . While all people were busy installing the new PABX system, one suddently requested for a PC for the Call Accounting System.. We have several PCS available but only one can be retained and be used in the office . the PC used by our net admin (on leave for board exam, the main reason why i handle the network now!!). Well the pc is P4 class installed with Windows XP with Service pack 2..
Everything should be okay except that i dont know the administrator password... i tried calling the net admin but he didnt reply..
After few clicks and taps in my mozilla fire, internet brought me to a very informative site :: ... all you need to have is the installation CD with the serail key and boot from it ..after following some easy to folow steps you will be able to change the administrator password or any user account password in the account...... go ahaead and try it now.