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playing around with simple java application..

Someone asked me to make a simple program for converting number to words , but no one came back to get it so decided to publish it out of trippings..

Heres the java code for around and enjoy ( Net Beans 3.6 is an acceptable java IDE)

The Code

package NumConverter;

/* To make use of Dialog boxes in Input and Output*/
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

public class NumCon {
/*Array members to be used in conversion*/
private String[] strOnes={""," One"," Two"," Three"," Four"," Five"," Six"," Seven"," Eight"," Nine"};
private String[] strSpecial={" Ten"," Eleven"," Twelve"," Thirteen"," Fourteen"," Fifteen"," Sixteen"," Seventeen"," Eighteen"," Nineteen"};
private String[] strTensSpecial={""," Ten"," Twenty"," Thirty"," Forty"," Fifty"," Sixty"," Seventy"," Eighty"," Ninety"};
private String[] strPlaces={""," Tens"," Hundred"," Thousand"," Thousand"," Hundred"," Million"," Million"," Hundred"," Billion"};
public NumCon() {
public static void main(String[] args) {
/*instantiate a NumCon class*/
NumCon nC=new NumCon();
int iInput=0; //stores the integer input
String strInput=""; //stores the integer input converted to string
strInput=JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter the value :");
if(strInput.length()<=9 && strInput.length()>=1){
iInput=Integer.parseInt(strInput); //get the input
strInput=Integer.toString(iInput); //convert to string
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,nC.genWords(strInput)); //generate the conversion
else JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"Limited to 9 Digits and at least 1 Digit only.");
System.exit(0); //normally exit
private String genWords(String pstrVal){
char cArr[]=pstrVal.toCharArray();
String strW="";
int iPos=pstrVal.length()-1;
for(int i=0;i<pstrVal.length();i++){
char c=cArr[i];
if(iPos==0 && pstrVal.length()==1){
if(iPos==1 || iPos==4 || iPos==7){
/*checks if the 2nd digit is one*/
/*e.g. 51-- FIFTY + ONE */
/*e.g. 12-- TWELVE */
if(iPos==2 || iPos==5){
if((Integer.parseInt(Character.toString(cArr[i])) +Integer.parseInt(Character.toString(cArr[i+1]))+Integer.parseInt(Character.toString(cArr[i+2])))!=0)
else strW+=strPlaces[iPos];
if(iPos==8 ){
else strW+=strPlaces[iPos];
if(strW.trim().length()==0) strW="Zero";
return strW;

Note: The codes are not properly aligned because of the publishing..please copy the code and do the restructuring to make the code more readable and easier to debug.


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