pirated cds and dvds

just last sunday i went hunting for some movies to watch. i dont have the pocket to buy original one (pity me) . so i went to Quiapo and look at the thousands of movies you could get hold on to. yes i finally got 2 for the price of a hundred. its a complete collection of the heroes series (i know season 2 is not done but i bought it anyway). i also bought the new pupil album . im planning to buy the original cd , its really woth the money trust me.

im not bloggin now because of the movie or the cd i bought i just wanted to say something about what i saw. we all heard it in the news , malls are being raided because of pirated stuffs . i got this little question in my head, why not quiapo? i mean all stuffs that you raid in the mall are all there. i guess they may be paying a lot of taxes thats why the government let them sell there....thats the philippine law i suppose..so sad...