simplifying my blogging habits

I guess its a long haitus from blogging. Eversince blogging became a "fad" , I jumped into the bandwagon and started with some several post . Then the fire suddenly died down and I left this page static for how many months or even a year.

After a hell of a roller coaster ride of life , Im back eager to share everything that I can share. Initially , I thought of this blogsite as a common tech blog where I can post anything techie that I pick along the way. It dawned to me that having a monotonous approach to a site may render it uninteresting. Thus I am reintroducing my blog as a new catch all blog .

Reinventing is not only to make my blog more interesting (?) but it would simplify my supposedly "blogging habit" . I used to keep several accounts . Its me jumping to all these famous blogging account (sadly i dont have any mYSpace). Maintaining it is a pain in the ass . So finally , idecided to cut the crap and keep it simple. Heres the new setup : I have decided to keep this blogsite from blogger . Basically because its famous (hahaha for almost 2 years it only got 942 hits and half of that coming from me loggin in to different PCs) . I like the fact that blogger keeps blogging simple and of course I got my adsense all over the page . I hope to be cashing in money ( dreaming is legal) . I am also keeping my Multiply account . I know most of you would shout back that multiply's site is so damn slow, but hey , I like how some templates organize the contents. I dont care if its slow multiplied by 10 .

There are a lot of things going in my head that i want to write about. So keep posted and please subscribe in my RSS feeds....