trying to be street smart v2.0

i know i have posted something like this before . well i had another route to discuss and this time i learned it the hard way ( jack ass me) . this morning i accompanied my parents together with some relatives to the domestic airport. i didnt have problem going to the airport because we took the cab , going back was the tricky for me . its my first time so pardon my stupidity.

so to get back i need to either be in cubao or in recto , so i took jeepney ride going to baclaran. then i walked passed the LRT baclaran station to ride a jeepney going to recto. the traffic was so horrific and i have to take all those pollutions that the city has to offer. the sad part , i missed recto (hahaha). i went as far as monumento and not noticing it . so i had to go down and this time took the LRT to recto (doroteo jose station). well thats me playing street smart again.

heres the route for Domestic Airport to Recto
1. take a jeepney ride to baclaran , then ride a jeepney to recto ( dont miss !)
2. take a jeepney ride to baclaran , use the LRT to go to Doroteo Jose (Recto)
the fare is almost the same....

heres the route Domestic Airport to Cubao
1. take a jeepney ride to baclaran , then ride a bus going to cubao.

till my next stupidity .....