driving tips anyone?

Last year I started having my driving lesson. I took the free one, so I let my father do the teaching. Deep in my mind I know I can teach myself driving but I have to let my father do the teaching, he owns the car… I tried googling for some driving tips , till I reached the LTOs site and prompted me to download two document files. I would be taking the exam for driving license anyway ( which did not happen, answers were provided!!!!) so I downloaded the dile and it was helpful . It contains tips and event basic tutorials on safety driving and road signs. You can download the file in the links that I am providing. In case the link is dead just inform me through email or comment the article.

  1. Traffic Signs
  2. Safety Driving

Enjoy!!! But Just Don't READ and DRIVE at the same time.


Anonymous said…
This reminds me my experience in getting my license. California rules are strict when it comes to driving. You have to do particular things like there is an standard style of holding the steering wheel, you have to show the proctor that you are checking the rear and side mirrors when you are changing lanes, you have to look left and right when crossing an intersection, etc. Bottomline, be safe.