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japanese rock anyone?

eversince high school ive been jumping from one rock genre to another trying to look for the best sound to describe my personality . most of them actually were good, but some just dont fit my taste . i started out as a trash metal old school fanatic digging slayer , pantera to metallica . when GnR hit the airwaves along with Bon Jovi i was there . then kurt cobain with nirvana changes the definition of music to grunge , i was again there . ely and the heads redefined opm , i was again there . during the time when electronica was trying to bond with rock , i was again there . with all the changes in the rock genre i tried to be always there . but there are some points when you just get tired of all the new styles moving in so you go back to the roots . i tried revisiting the old school , from beatles to elvis to led zep to black sabbath to sex pistols to ramones and the journey was really refreshing . i did try that in opm ,trying to listen songs from juan de cruz , maria cafra to asin and it was definitely fulfilling . when emo hits the town i tried listening to some but generally emo sucks . it lacks the passion i was looking for , the screaming was cheap and the emotions are fake .

in my grand search to other type of rock genres i experimented with japanese rock . the anime soundtracks were good so i assume it maybe worth the try . right now im on the right track . so if you intend to have a sample of what japanese rock is try visiting this site . the site contains links to album downloads not just songs . comments are highly appreciated.


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renaming default namespaces for VSTO projects in VS2008

So here is the scenario , you are starting a VSTO project and decided that your default namespace is ExcelAddInTesterApp . You created the project and started coding the project. After several days , your boss called and said "hey marvin , make use of this namespace OurCompany.ExcelAddInTesterApp , we have to add our company name to it got it?" . You get back to your machine thinking its just a simple property just like any project you've been working on. So you right clicked the VSTO project and hit properties . Boom! What the F@#$? The default namespace textbox is disabled!!!!

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this year

.. i will learn new things, perhaps play a new instrument or go back to school.
.. i will find beauty on the open source community.
.. i will read more books and listen to more music.
.. i will pen more poems and possibly write more songs.
.. i will go for new distances and discover new terrains.
.. i will continue to pile running miles to stay fit and healthy.
.. i will strive to be free and make myself available to unknown future.
.. i will go out of my shell more often and be socially more open.

.. i will continue to grow and go with the changes of time.
.. i will be more patient and hopeful to things that may not even be possible.
.. i will be a better son, brother and more importantly a better father.
.. i will be closer with the great beyond.

.. i will continue to repair , refactor and upgrade myself to become a better version of me.

Farewell NU107.5

As I write this blog,  millions of Filipino rock fanatics may have already known what happens after 12:00 midnight tonight. The only surviving station that caters to the rock genre will, sadly, be closing down and permanently signing off tonight. The news came to late to enjoy every second of what is left.  The sad news came to me the last week of October.  Being a follower of the station, I never believed it at first. But online resources would say the station really is nearing its demise.  With several minutes to go, it will be dead air.