solving unsolvable problems

In most of the task that i do everyday , there is one word that always pop out : bug . Bug or simply errors in an application usually happens every time. Even the well designed software have their own glitches. This is the reason why we have blue screens , patches , service packs and support sites.

Is there such a thing as an unsolvable bug ? As long as the bug is not attributed to the limitations of the architecture or the infrastructure , in my own opinion all bugs are solvable .

Elevating further , bugs came from problems. When problem occurs in a software, most often time its related to bugs. Are there unsolvable problems? Most problems can be solved if the proper process is done. It may not be coming up with a solution but more often times knowing why the problem occurs and what causes the problem is already a good step .

I was browsing on an article by a security adviser and though he explained it on network related context the idea is pretty generic. It can be used even of software development. It basically boils down on trying to isolate the root cause of the problem. A problem may be too big at first but once analyzed properly it may only be pointing to a few lines of code. Neat isn't it? Its easily said than done though, you have to be wise enough and utilize several utilities and tricks you know to hit the right spot.

Get ideas from the article which can be read through this link.

Happy bug hunting.