Anti Colorum Drive , WTF????

Going to work every 5 days of the week seems to be the worst ordeal for a city commuter like me . Good thing my place is near a shuttle service bound for Makati . You are right , not a legit service , colorum if you may say . I may get some unfriendly feedback , but i thank these colorum vans is a big help to common "taos" like me . Its not that I love breaking the law , its just that I feel convenient for them doing so . Imagine the hassle of going to Quiapo then ride another bus for Makati .

Going forward , I wrote this blog not in support of colorum boys but to give my observations how authorities conduct what they call "Anti Colorum Drives" . I have experienced queueing for almost an hour because there were limited van willing to travel because of the above mentioned program . Yes , i have also experienced the feel of being chased by this uniformed man in big bikes and eventually overtaking the van at Valero . But this does not happen everyday . The funny thing behind it is that the same yellow and white uniformed guys man the Makati area everyday of the week , but in most cases they dont even seem to care if the vehicles on the street are colorum vans , worst even those that should not be allowed to travel because of coding can still carry their passengers from my place to Ayala .

This only means one thing , the law seems to have an schedule and its not consistent or constant . If they are really serious about this campaign then do it everyday . For now , I give my hands to these colorum boys for making my everyday travel less cumbersome .