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C# or VB.Net

Hey guys ! Im not raging a war to whatever language you prefer , Im just interested on your choice . Join the survey below and be counted .

Ill be doing a post on the differences between these 2 languages as well as pros and cons on using them . So please leave a comment why you are choosing C# or VB.Net . Thanks a lot .


Chris Ongsuco said…
I guess I'm just comfortable writing code in C#, you know, like IHero or IParanoia. =P

Kill me. hehehe
Patrik Hägne said…
I'm in no way a VB-hater as so many others are, in fact I do more than fifty percent of my development in VB. The lack of lambda statements (only one line lambda expressions are supported) is a BIIIIIG drawback in the new version.
Jon Limjap said…
I seriously don't understand why there is a need to compare VB and C#. Other than the issue of unmanaged code and synctactic sugar there is no real difference between the two languages.
Leon said…
It's just a matter of preference. You can use VB or C#, whichever you're comfortable and makes you productive.

I started with VB.NET but I prefer C# now, one of the reasons is that you can easily read/write javascript & java codes.
ely girang said…
VB.NET programmers prefer VB.BET, C# programmers prefer C#. It's the programmer's preference. I feel comfortable with C# so I code in C#.
Marvin said…

though they use the same framework , i assume there are some technical reasons that makes one better that the other in few areas (i suppose) .

to all,

i was curious about this topic because of one incident when a friend of mine was asked why he prefers C# over VB.NET and after giving answers that are almost similar to some of your comments , the interviewer just bluntly responded - "i dont like your answer" .

so perhaps there are some reasons that these interviewer know but most of us dont know or hes just being so rude.
Anonymous said…
I want to quote what the speaker in the SoCal .NET Group meeting that I recently attended:

"Asking a group who are the VB developers is just like asking who are gays"

whatever that meant, no one bothered to ask the speaker...
ely girang said…
The problem some developers are facing during job interviews is programming language discrimation which is not good. C# and VB.NET both have strengths and weaknesses so I guess they both be given due respect. Anyway, they were developed by the same company :)

And I guess we developers understand each other whether we're C# or VB.NET :)
Marvin said…

your right , programming language should not be issue .

one question that might be asked though is "are you willing to shift to another language?" =)

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