google docs : a threat to microsoft office ?

Anyone working in an office may have heard of Microsoft Office . They have been around since MS Windows . I could say that its really a great piece of software and it had helped a lot of people in managing and creating their documents . A lot of other alternative software has been released to compete with this product . Most of these alternatives , though , still follows the same paradigm as the MS office has set and sometimes its only the UI that changes and a little functionality .

Then , Google Docs , an experimental move from Google. What this new technology brings is a new face in Office computing , online office application . No installations , no licensing , just get on the internet fire up your favorite browser get a google account and start writing office (word,excel,presentations) online . Cool isn't it.

It may have offered the advantages but not a lot of people has seen the good in google docs because they are still tied up to the old paradigm. Plus the fact that there are limited features to it . So everyday people uses the same office applications , when they go out they save it on their disks or thumb drives , when back , they update everything in their PCs. The process is tedious right? Thats is where the new google docs feature comes in. Yes , ladies and gentleman , google docs is now allowing you to take the cloud offline . Offline google docs is now supported with some limitations at first . Now we dont need to use thumb drives or floppy diskettes (if it is still alive) , just get on the web and do the office docs online or offline . Automatic synchronization is supported once youre online again .

See this article from the official google doc blog.

Offline Google Doc preview :


Chris Ongsuco said…
Yes it is indeed a threat to Microsoft that's why they released a "new web-based feature" of Office called Office Live Workspace