get new layout templates for bloggers from WEBTALKS

I am just a blogger with no funds to invest on domain names and hosting services . Yes , I have to be contented with freebies . No cost , lesser maintenance but lower flexibility . I've been in blogger since 2005 , pity me , I have to deal with monotonous templates just to get along . With some CSS revisions , I managed to do some tweaking with my site . Until recently , because of the bloging craze that has been selling like hot cakes in the office , I wanted to go up further . Theres no harm in trying to make your site easier to navigate , less lengthy on the sidebars and yes , more room for advertisements be it for adsense or for adbrite . I really envy those who created their own blogs from scratch (e.g. Chris , Rod , Ryan), they have all the flexibility at hand .

So I began looking for the most intuitive layout that i could find . Unlike before , my eye for three column blogs have changed , i started liking it . So i begun looking for ways to make my layout use 3 columns . I looked at the HTML file for some clues but i may have been in a hurry to look further . So i consulted Mr. Google again , surely my friend has been intelligent today . Google pointed me to a site that contains downloadable templates for bloggers . These templates can be later uploaded to your own blog site . What caught my attention was it now uses three column layout . Just what I've been looking for .

So for those desperate bloggers out there wanting another layout for their steriotype blogs try visiting WEBTALKS , a site that contains some existing blogger template with 3 column layouts . No more looking at the HTML file or deciphering CSS files , just upload it and the rest is magic . Just a caution though , when changing templates , backup whatever widgets you ave added to your blog , the change in template will erase most of them.