Red Hat Stays Away from Linux Desktop

In a recent statement , Red Hat , one of the leading Linux flavor provider , denies speculation that they will be investing on a linux destop OS that will compete with the dominant Windows. In my honest opinion , this statement is not a bad sign for the open source community . Red Hat issued the following statement , showing their effort to continue providing reliable server solution :

"As a public, for-profit company, Red Hat must create products and technologies with an eye on the bottom line, and with desktops this is much harder to do than with servers. The desktop market suffers from having one dominant vendor, and some people still perceive that today's Linux desktops simply don't provide a practical alternative."

For desktop users , this does not mean there will be no Linux for them in the future . Red Hat is just one of the many flavors of linux . Ubuntu is the leading challenger in that desktop OS space . Furthermore , RedHat also made this striking statement on what linux is all about :

"I don't know why this needs repeating. Linux is not like Windows. It's not one company. It's an ecosystem. Everyone does what they're best at, and that's how it works"

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