Referencing a .Net Managed Assembly in Visual Basic 6

Im into converting a VB6 app into .Net and i run into this kind of a scenario - the VB6 app references a .Net Managed Assembly . So after consulting you know who , here are the steps to reference you .Net Managed Assembly in Visual Basic 6 :

1. Register the system.dll assembly created by the .NET Framework as a COM object:
Open a DOS command window. Type: CD C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[.net version] Type: regasm sample.dll

2. Add a reference to the DLL.
A. Create a Visual Basic project.
B. Select the Project menu's References command.
C. In the References dialog, click Browse.
D. Navigate to and Select the sample.tlb file and click Open.
*** Important *** Select the ".tlb" file not the ".dll" file.
The ".tlb" file contains extra information that Visual Basic needs to use the DLL.
Click OK to close the References dialog.