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SIGA 2008 - Beyond the Usual Tentative Program of Activities

The SSEAYP International General Assembly is fast approaching . The start of the month of May will be beyond the usual for former SSEAYP participating youth who will join the gathering in Cebu .

Sadly , I will not go . Being a a former participating youth for the 27th SSEAYP(exPPY as they may call you) , I will be missing a lot . But then again , priorities are priorities .

Here are some basic information about SIGA 2008

SIGA Objectives :
1. To create an opportunity for the reunion of former participants (PYs & NLs) to promote lasting friendship, understanding and goodwill

2. To exchange information on activities of respective Alumni Associations and the Secretariat of SSEAYP International

3. To enhance the network of cooperation among former participants through opportunities in various social and business undertakings

SIGA 2008 will be organized in Cebu, Philippines at the Waterfront Hotel from May 1 to 4, 2008.

Aside from the SIGA prescribed activities (the usual formalities and discussions) , the Organizing Committee decided to include BEYOND THE USUAL activities. This includes 5 or 7 insti visit packages, amazing race, beach, parties etc. (Thanks Ugin for the info)

The deadline for registration was yesterday April 15 . ( I dont know if they extended it )

The Tentative Program Of Activities can be downloaded here.

1) No Homestay during the duration of SIGA 2008 Cebu (May 1 – 4, 2008).
2) We will not accept any walk-in registration during the duration of SIGA 2008 Cebu.
3) No selective participation, we strongly encourage everyone to attend all SIGA 2008 Cebu Activities & Itineraries.
4) If anyone decide to attend only selected activities, he/she will be charged the full registration fee of USD 195.00.

For any questions feel fee to contact the secretariat at

Secretariat Office
P.O. Box 12115, Ortigas Post Office, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Tel. No. (63-2) 937-6273
Fax No. (63-2) 937-6273
E-mail: c/o Ms. Stephanie Dy Tiapco- PAGLAUM SSEAYP Batch 2005 (SIGA 2008 Cebu Secretariat Head) < >

Or visit the SSEAYP FORUM

To those who will attend - "ENJOY!!!!"


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