My first crack at Google Chrome

What is Google Chrome? Its a new one from search engine giant Google , a new INTERNET browser to say the least. A move to gain more market share in computing . First they had GMAIL then GoogleDocs and now Google Chrome.

Upon first sight to this new baby , I tried downloading it in the office using Windows 2000 as the OS , unfortunately as of this moment only Vista and XP is supported for Microsoft . Now using XP , I spent a little time looking at the features it has to offer . I know this is just a short preview of what Chrome is, but it will give you an idea on its future.

The Interface. The chrome sports a new look it terms of browser design. Its minimalistic in concept , designed for those who wants easy browsing. It radiates a light blue skin that soothes any surfers eyes and few buttons to get you going. Like any new browser , tabs are provided.

Unlike other famous browser, clicking on the new tab will bring about a rather more informative page rather than a blank empty useless page.

The address bar also serves as the Search Bar for a quick access to Googles' powerful search engine.

The Incognito Window. A more interesting feature is its Incognito window. A new browser look with hidden functionality.

What seperates Incognito from an ordinary browser can be best explained by clicking the new tab in the browser itself to bring about the page below:

The browser is just starting and there may be compatibility issues down the line . This galant effort by Google to come up with a new browser is somewhat refreshing and promising. For more information about Google Chrome , visit this site.

The best thing about Google Chrome , it is FREE and it is OPEN SOURCE.