Opening Office 2007 files using Office 2003

This is a post that I should have done a year back , when Office 2007 was still on its initial phase. I hope this would still help others who have still their Office 2003 intact and dont want to move to a more resource inensive Office 2007.

To be able to open your docx , xlsx or pptx ( the common files in MS Office ) using the Office 2003 , the user must be able to install the Compatibility Pack for the 2007
Office system from Microsoft
. This , however , does not guarantee that all elements in the 2007 file can be edited in 2003. Take note that the main purpose for this pack is for backward compatibility only but it doesnt assure that all things will be all well, otherwise the point of upgrading will be "pointless".

To read more about this solution as well as the link to the compatibility pack , read more of this from the Office 2007 website.