Google Code Repositories

Google is indeed conquering everything . I usually use Google Mail (gmail) , Google Docs , Google Calendar , Google Talk , Google Map , Google Pages , Blogger , Chrome (before my OS got hit by a virus last month , ill reinstall chrome soon) and yes Google Search . No wonder Google is all over .

Just last night , while searching for some articles on Model-View-Presenter topic , I downloaded a sample source code from a source which has "google" on its URL . The code was actually hosted by Google Code repository running Subversion. The main Google Code page displays most of the current development done and link to those projects . This include a link to Android , Googles platform for Mobile Development. Under Developers Resources you will find the Project Hosting link. This allows you to host your own project (up to 10 projects) and make it available to the web. Whats cool is that a Wiki page , Issue Tracker , Download Page , Source Code Page and Description page is provided . This is a good avenue for open source developers who wants their codes to be looked upon and being changed by the community . Im planing to host one of my initial open source web project here once it is ready for alpha relase. By the way , I found the C#-Ported DotNetNuke hosted in Google Code.

If I could remember it well , my previous officemate (Meng) once sent me a link to an article about Googlism, discussing profane thoughts on Google being a God .