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I am a Foreigner

Being away from the Philippines for almost a month now somewhat changed the way I go by everyday. Missing those close to you , your family , the lutong ulams , the busy street of the metro, colorum fx , jeepneys, the fort bus , cool and uncool OPM music on every radio, the endless competition of ABS and GMA and unlimited texting will get into your nerves somehow . What you see here are different , no sari sari stores just walmarts and targets, no cdrkings or greenhills or gilmore what you have are circuitcity or tigerdirect or radisoshacks , the closes to filipino foods are the chinese restaurants and where oriental shops the grand asia market is the alternative to american oriented grocery stores.

Good thing the internet has not changed a bit , YMs and Chikka are still available , Yahoos and Googles are still your best friend and torrents are still your best resource (hahaha).

This is where nosebleeds are a common sight , not because of fist fights but more on communicating with fast-talking "americanos" . A place where the question "Ano Raw?" is a common term. Where a dime or a 25 cent coin is worth something , where tax are not included on item prices and where tips are compulsary and not just an option.

The complexity of life here unfolds before my eyes , I may either appreciate it or simply live by it until the end of February.


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this year

.. i will learn new things, perhaps play a new instrument or go back to school.
.. i will find beauty on the open source community.
.. i will read more books and listen to more music.
.. i will pen more poems and possibly write more songs.
.. i will go for new distances and discover new terrains.
.. i will continue to pile running miles to stay fit and healthy.
.. i will strive to be free and make myself available to unknown future.
.. i will go out of my shell more often and be socially more open.

.. i will continue to grow and go with the changes of time.
.. i will be more patient and hopeful to things that may not even be possible.
.. i will be a better son, brother and more importantly a better father.
.. i will be closer with the great beyond.

.. i will continue to repair , refactor and upgrade myself to become a better version of me.