An Open Source CMS from Microsoft ?????

Perhaps the open source thing has been running around Microsoft . Microsoft dont like showing their codes, that is why even just a glimpse of MS Windows code can be worth a million. But of course , they support learning , that is why they have codePlex. Now going back to the topic , ZDNet announce today that Microsoft is developing an Open Source CMS !! Yes , an open source Content Management System. For what ? I dont know. as far as I know , they released on codePlex a few months ago which is mainly an opensource solution for blogging. Now they are going for the CMS. Is it not that Microsft already have the MOSS or the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server or even the outdated Community Server?

It is a welcome development indeed for Open source fanatics . I just hope that it will receive great appreciation from those who are currently using famous Opensource CMS such as Drupal , Joomla , PHPNuke or even DotNetNuke .

One main concern why I prefer OpenSource CMS which can run on linux is its cheapness to maintain and operate. Most free and cheap web hosting runs linux on their servers. Drupal , which I have already used in Online aparri , for example, uses MySQL and runs on top of apache in a linux box. Will this new OpenSource CMS has the ability to run on top of MySQl and Apache environment? I bet it doesnt unless maybe they have used Mono , then there is a slim chance. Nonetheless , for a budget sensitive guy , I will still prefer CMS that run on top of open source softwares such as Linux, MySql and apache.

By the way, MS is naming it initially as "Oxite".