My First Blog for 2009

Im starting 2009 with a blog on foods. Since my 4 months voluntary exile in the US (hahaha), I started cooking ( full time! ) so Google is my cookbook and I am the chef ( sort of ). Yesterday , I was looking forward for another experiment on the kitchen lab (it gets messy sometimes) . What I have ? Pork belly , Chinese Okra , Squash . I was having doubts on whether the Chinese Okra is the same thing as the vegetable I know from the province , "kabatiti" . So after searching for "kabatiti" on the net , Google returned some informative links on some Ilocano Foods which made my day . Listed below are some Ilocano food worth mentioning .

  • Abrao or Inabrao - assorted seasonal vegetables, typically malunggay, and that quintessentially Ilocano vegetable, saluyot, boiled in a bagoong and fish broth

  • Ipon—tiny fish in season during the cold months

  • Poki-Poki (also poqui-poqui), an innocent omelet made of eggplant sautéed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, and eggs

  • Kabatiti (in Tagalog patola) - the vegetable served with misua

  • Utong - string beans

  • Balatong - mongo to Tagalogs, usually with malunggay or ampalaya leaves, and talong strips

  • Patupat - boiled glutinous rice lightly flavored with salt (in some cases, pepper as well) and wrapped in banana leaves to a triangular shape

  • Dudol - a mixture of ground glutinous rice flour, water and sugarcane juice, that is laboriously mixed by hand as it cooks over a slow fire—reminiscent of the procedure for making haleya

  • Papaitan or Sinanglao - flavored boiled beef, carabao or goat sweetmeats with the bile and the juice of partially digested grass in the animal’s intestines

Its a shortlist of what this blog is mentioning and there are plenty more when you get down north.

Because of some funny and racy names , Ilocanos usually joke about food names . So don't be offended by us when we try to ask "Miss magkano yang UTONG nyo?" or a lady would tell "Mare ang haba ng KABATITING nabili mo!" or a young man would mention "Ang sarap talaga ng POKI (pause)...POKI".


Yahoo said…
Mukhang masarap yang mga yan Pre... Patikimin mo naman kami ng mga ilokana, este, lutong ilokano pag-uwi mo :P