Beware of Giant Burgers

Last Friday we had a lunch out at Burger Avenue at The Fort. This joint is "somewhat" famous for its Ridiculous Burger Challenge promo. The challenge  involves finishing up a ridiculous burger in less than 5 minutes. Its a 3 layer burger waiting to be eaten in less than 5 minutes.  This is, however, small compared to the Windows 7 whopper that Burger King promoted in line with Windows 7 release. None of us, by the way, did the challenge ,we had our own reasons or shall I say excuse.

Good thing no one tried the challenge. In a news from ABC5, a dentist in Taiwan warns everyone on eating super size burgers. The report mentioned about the possibility of injury on the jaw. This, however, assumed that you are to gape over the whole burger.  Read the whole story HERE.


rubisara said…
buti na nga lang nde kayo kumain.. tataba ka nyan.. hehehe.
rubisara said…
baka tumaba kayo nyan.. sakit sa panga.. :)