Blogger Now Supports Mobile Template

With the market for mobile devices increase, the need to access and view information on the web on formats that suit mobile devices is a must. I remember Wordpress already supported this format  a year back and I ended up saying to myself, I wish Blogger would do the same.  It turned out that I was not just looking enough, this feature existed way back December 17, 2010.  I was playing around in my Ubuntu box and logged in to my blogger account when a pop up box asked me if I want to turn on mobile templates, that made blogger cooler than yesterday.

The setting is at the Settings tab under the Email & Mobile settings. You simply turn it on. Assuming  you did not make any drastic changes on your template to mess it up in mobile mode,  you would not encounter any error.

Turn on the  mobile template.

The preview.
I guess I have to get moving and update all my blogs to support mobile format.