Tomorrow is Saint Patrick Day

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day. It is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated every 17th of March. The celebration was named after Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Having said that, it is therefore a tradition associated with everything Irish : green and  shamrock. 

Why on March 17th ? Most of the reading would point us into one logical reason, it is the day that St. Patrick died.  Why  Irish ? The tradition started in Ireland. The Irish people credit him to bringing Christianity in the country. What about the shamrock ? Shamrock is the national flower of Ireland. The story states that St. Patrick used the flower to explain the concept of Holy Trinity to the pagans. Why green and gold? History says that in Ireland the Catholics are represented by green and Protestants are of orange, being a Catholic Saint green was used. The day is celebrated with a lot of green - green hats, green beers and green leprechauns.

Massachusetts, being a state with a significant population of Irish Americans,celebrates this day with large parades on several locations. The most famous is the parade being held in South Boston, listed as the second largest parade in the country. Aside from the parades, people celebrate the day with good old Irish music, Irish food, Irish beer and Irish whiskey!

Here are some links that may guide you on how Saint. Patrick Day is celebrated here:

The video of the South Boston Saint Patrick Day celebration last 2012 . The  song is titled Shipping Up to Boston performed by the american celtic band Dropkick Murphys formed in Quincy, MA.