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October 21, 2015 : Baseball and Hollywood Connection

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October 21, 2015, Major League Baseball, Hollywood. What is the connection? If you have a great childhood and grew up in the 80's when new wave and disco music was the thing, you must have watch a bunch of futuristic movies from Hollywood. I remember a bunch of them and Star Wars and Back To The Future made the top of my list. Before I'll skip Star Wars for now, have you seen the trailer for the new movie due by December? If not, check it out on this link after reading this post.

Back to the Future is a series of futuristic comic action movie released by Universal Studios. As the title implies, the main plot of the movie is to , well, go back to the future. In the 1989 sequel, Back to the Future II, after repairing the damage to history done by his previous time travel adventures, Marty McFly and his friend Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown  travel to 2015 to prevent McFly's future son from ending up imprisoned. So the famous line goes : "We're descending toward Hill Valley, California, at 4:29 pm, on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015.". The succeeding scene gave us a glimpse of what 2015 be like in 1989 point of view. According to the time-bending sci-fi flick, by October 21 2015, we would be living in a world of hover boards, flying cars, self-tying shoelaces, video calling and virtual reality among other else. As we all know by now, some of the predictions are now a reality. There is one prediction, however,  that we may have to find out today or in a couple of weeks from now: the fate of Chicago Cubs as it tries to end the 107 years drought of a world series championship in baseball.

If you are a baseball fanatic, you know now that the odds of getting this prediction right has gone down to almost impossible.  The Chicago Cubs are now down 0-3 against the New York Mets in a 7 game National League Conferences Series. History will tell us that only one MLB team has went on to win the best of seven series after being down 0-3. Currently, there are only six teams from among all professional sports that was able to do it.  Cubs losing Game 3 is more of a death sentence to the chase. The only MLB team to do this is the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Down 0-3 against the New York Yankees, they were also down by a run on the 9th inning of Game 4. After an equalizer, they went on to win Game 4 in an extra inning, went on to win the ALCS series and eventually the 2004 World Series. So yes, it can be done. And the Red Sox connection is strong with the Cubs : Theo Epstein, John Lester, David Ross and even Yoenis Cespedes whos playing for the New York Mets  was once a Red Sox during the 2014 season, he was taken in a trade that let John Lester go. Oh by the way, they are playing New York ( Mets that is). So if they pull off a 2004 Red Sox feat and eventually win the World Series, that would be the biggest story of the year.

The story will not only be a big hit in baseball world and the entire sports community but will also be a big hit in Hollywood. Yeah, Hollywood! Which gets us back to the unrealistic world of Hollywood. You know the movie, I mentioned it a while back. "Back To The Future II : The movie that made the Chicago Cubs the World Series champion for 2015 after 107 years of waiting".  Imagine the story on how the Cubs would start winning on October 21, 2015 and eventually winning the World Series! That is a sell out story. Hollywood, are you reading this article? Go ahead make some phone calls, do your magic and make it happen. And if in fact this thing do happen, this would be one of the conspiracy theory that tied MLB and Hollywood.

Today is October 21,2015. The Cubs are on a must win situation. Lets wait and see if the magic of Hollywood do exist.


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